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“The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.”
This is how my life is: when I see something so badly designed, I have to create something better! (Yes, I know how ego this sounds, but admit it; designers will always strive to do better). Sometimes I can spend hours redesigning random stuff, and sometimes I have a couple of minutes to spare on a friday evening, like now. I don’t even want to show you the image on top, first of all: ignore the coffee-stains. Second, the design is to bad I want to spill hot coffee over whoever made this. And we got an entire book in this same area of graphics. I’ve got to tell you, it is not easy making good coffee based on bad design. Haha, ego again.
The illustrations underneath is something I created right now, as I know people have to make coffee at work, and it is my job to teach them how. And for you Norwegian guys with fancy espresso-makers at home; here are some free coffee recipes. Enjoy!

Design & inspirasjon, Foodie


Yesterday I was at an event called Motekoz, roughly translated into Fashion-night, at the fashion- and shopping centre Sundt. Some stores showed their favourite clothing for this fall, we shared tips and tricks in jeans-washing and Bon Appétit served some great food. It was unfortunately too dark for any photos of the fashion-stuff, but I got to sneak in and shoot some images of the food before people arrived. Everything tasted amazing, I just have to mention that!
As you may have noticed, things have been a bit wild lately: I have had a lot on my hands with the new job, more and more design-work are coming in as well as I am moving in two days… I never knew what to expect from life as a workaholic instead of being a student, but so far I really enjoy things!
I wish you all a great weekend, I have already put on my sweatpants and are going to spend the entire evening at “the office”..   : D You guys go out and party-rock for me!

If you are going to comment that I can’t work TOO MUCH or TOO HARD, and that I have to REMEMBER TO BREATHE – step away from the keyboard and go to another website, please. No one accomplished great things by working part-time on something and BREATHING the rest of the time, which I don’t even understand what means?! I appreciate your concern, but I hear this every day, and I, Angela, choose to work as much and hard as I do, and I breathe more properly than ever. Thank you. 🙂